What is a VIP Host?

People frequently ask me, «What could it be like being truly a VIP host?» I must be honest, it is no laughing matter to be one, but I bet this applies also to your VIP players (Platinum and Diamond Elite) when a friend and a pal comes near and asks them В«what is it prefer to be a VIP player?

Vip hosts, and simply for you guys to get an idea of what a VIP host is really, we own cases. Each and every contact any VIP player has around is resolved on the spot. Yes, we are referring to top performance agents coping with top performance players.

When you check the web page, and see all the different benefits each level has (and if you haven’t seen it, please do this here:

Now, you may wonder if it truly is worth it. I simply have to say, as a person myself of different services and places, I would love having this sort of service. Eventually, a successful business is defined by the folks who will be the voice and face for the customers. There was one thing I could absolutely assure.

What is a VIP Host? looking forward

Our company strives to have agents in all areas focusing on the perfect customer service with the main focus to ensure safe game play.

You want to make sure your money is safe, your action and records are safe, you take advantage of the game and for you to focus only on your own poker action and feel confident that there surely is a group of people assuring all of your assets at all time. We want to be sure you can squeeze all the juice you can from the site.  VIP host is not only all of this mentioned before, but much more. It is your agent looking forward to your call, chat or email and working merely to reassure your game and boost you up in bad moments and congratulate you on all your earnings. It really is, in many cases, the very best relationship a new player can have with the site.

If you’re a VIP, count on us, we are looking forward to you. If you’re not, what exactly are you waiting to do to be one?

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