Pot Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), and why it could give No Limit Hold-Em (NL) and run for its money:

Back in college when I started playing poker, all I knew was NL. I struggled to get good at it, had some high points and some low, and eventually got a very good grasp on the game. I will never master it, nor has anyone else, but I think I’m at a high enough level now where I have started to want to learn other games. I have always been very competitive. When I was in kindergarten it was trying to make the highest block house, when I was in 5th grade it was trying to win the basketball games during recess.

When I was in high school and college, it was basketball on a higher level. Now I find myself being very competitive trying to learn PLO. The reason I love PLO so much is because there are so many different possibilities. In NL, you might have a pair and a gutshot, or a pair and open ended, and that’s about the biggest combo draw you can have. Imagine in PLO you could have not only a set, but the nut straight as well. Or the nut straight with redraws to a higher straight. You can have top set and the nut flush draw. Does that sound like more fun than NL? It sure does to me.

The first time I played PLO was ½ cent online.

Pot Limit Omaha very competitive

I still remember to this day the board was AKQJT with no flush possibilities, and I bet and my opponent re-raised. Thinking we had a split pot and a small percentage he might be bluffing/re-raising with a worse hand I repotted only to find him put me in for the rest of my money. I fist pumped snap called, ready to get half my money back and the whole pot got dragged to him. This was a valuable lesson I learned for only 2 dollars, you MUST use two cards from your hand in PLO and 3 from the community board.

These days you can find me on Absolute Poker playing between 1-2 and 25-50 PLO. There has been a lot more games lately on the site, and I look forward to PLO becoming bigger and bigger. If you love to gamble, come give PLO a chance.

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