Challenge Yourself – VIP Team

Some or most of you could be familiar with the following accomplishment by one of the best poker players in town: That’s turning $0 into $10K. Do you guys know who tried to do this? Well, without money to begin, he did not have any other option but to play freerolls. Initially, he gained one or two dollars, but rapidly lost them and then had to begin again. Generally, these stories end the same: they end with the person losing everything and going back to zero again. This does not really come as a surprise. In fact, I was under the impression that it couldn’t be done.

However, the person we’re discussing made it. I tried following a same pattern or at least started with a few bucks and then tried building it up to a couple hundred. My problem is that I don’t have enough patience to accept bad beats and continue playing the same way I started when I wanted to win big. But the idea caught my attention. How many of you play for fun? And how many want to cash out as much as possible? I am not saying I will do the $10K in a year… I’m not even sure if I can even reach $1K playing the limits I do. But I will definitely start taking this seriously and try to earn as much as I can from other players.

Challenge Yourself – VIP Team

Challenge yourself; set your own goals and stop wasting money just because you are playing for fun. Start playing like a pro today. Fold when you have to fold, even when you love the hand you have. Raise enough to defend your cards and defeat as many players as you can. Make others respect you at the tables and reach your goal, which in the end is making killer money.

Go for $10K or more if you’d like, but build that bankroll up!

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